Taste the Rainbow

June 22, 2010

My lunch today was just so pretty that I had to share it!

Snack plate to the rescue!

Tomatoes, carrots, corn, green beans, blueberry juice, and grapes!

With a side of Modern European history 😦

I looooove snack plates for lunch.

What’s your favorite type of lunch? Are you a soup & sammie person, or are you a snack plate-r?

19 Responses to “Taste the Rainbow”

  1. kaztronomic Says:

    I love snack plates, but I tend to crave warm foods for lunch. Snack plates…leave me feeling snacky. =P

    Yours is so pretty, though! I love the variety. One thing that I love about snack plates is all the different tastes and textures. Omnomnom. 😀

  2. Anna Says:

    Ahh, I did a “taste the rainbow” challenge back in March, where I tried to get as many colors into all of my meals as possible. It was so fun!

  3. You’re right, that’s a beautiful lunch! Thanks for sharing (:

  4. simplyshaka Says:

    I usually have leftovers for lunch but occasionally will whip out a sandwich and salad to mix it up and always enjoy.

  5. Snack plates are on the top of my list also!

  6. maxinthegym Says:

    I love snack plates too! They keep lunch interesting and you get to eat lots of things at once!

    I’m a straight up sandwich girl. Snack plates occasionally but my go-to lunch is always a sandwich.

  7. I’m both! My favorite snack plates include smoked salmon, olives, cheese, and yummy bread – sort of Mediterranean? As for sandwiches, I made an awesome veggie yesterday with hummus, sprouts, onion, lettuce, and more!

  8. jassy Says:

    i’m more of chicken and rice…sorry i’m still a baby when it comes to choosing healthy food 🙂

  9. snackie snackster all the way over here! 🙂

  10. I love snack plates! Those cherry tomatoes look so tasty!

  11. rc1001 Says:

    Snack plates are the BEST. Especially ones with every color of the rainbow on them!

  12. This looks so yummy and fresh! So pretty!

    I like warm food for lunch, but this would work wonders for my tummy in the afternoon!!!

  13. Impossible question. I LOVE snack plates but I also LOVE soups and sandwiches. Can’t I have all three? Please? 😉

    Your lunch looks fantastic, especially that blueberry juice. I bet it was so refreshing!

  14. BitterSweet Says:

    Very pretty indeed, a nice variety of colors on that plate. 🙂

    I’m more of a snack plate type person in general, but it depends on my mood.

  15. Megan Says:

    If I don’t make a wrap or veggie burger type of thing, I look a good snack plate for lunch! My favorite is crackers with olives and hummus.. maybe some avocado too!

  16. sweettater Says:

    haha, we both made taste the rainbow posts today. soul mates? best friends forever? star-crossed bloggers?

  17. Chelsey Says:

    It depends on my mood – sometimes I’m feeling an actual meal, but since I love to eat, and love to eat a lot… I tend to move toward snacking as much as possible. Heck! Who am I kidding… I do the meals AND the snacks most days (they’re really just not pictured – i’m a horrible snacker!)

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