Sushi vs Sushi

June 24, 2010

If I had to pick a last meal other than breakfast (which is, hands down, banana and peanut butter pancakes), I’d pick sushi. End of story. There’s just something about it that makes it a perfect meal. Maybe it’s the cool, crisp veggies, the smooth, creamy avocado, the B vitamins and texture of the nori holding it together, or even the carbohydrates from the rice. Whatever is in that combination, it makes sushi a stellar meal for me.

So while we were at the beach, my dad and I sampled two different sushi joints. Both claimed to be Japanese and Thai. Both claimed to have the best sushi in town. Both had legit, almost novel-like menus. Of course, you can’t really have two favorite sushi places, according to one of my friends. So I present to you…. *drumroll please*

The Great Sushi-off Competition 2010

In the first corner, we have Siam Orchid. An old favorite, a seasoned contender, and a fabulous meal every time. Siam Orchid boasts a full Thai and Japanese menu as well as a sushi bar. It also has ballin’ decor.

In our second corner is Sake, a definite underdog. Unknown until a few weeks ago (though they’ve been open since 2000), Sake claims to serve the best sushi in all of town.

Round one: Menus

At Siam Orchid, the menu, as mentioned above, is extensive. But it’s Barbie pink.  That’s a possible weakness. Plus, the pictures can give the diner the impression that the food is more or less the same quality as those takeaway Chinese places with similar pictures. As if I didn’t know what sweet and sour chicken looked like..

At Sake, the menu is NOT hot pink. Plus. But the menu is a novel to get through and has a ton of good options.

See that strength? It’s in a binder, enough said. The food is also clearly divided into sections by geographical location, and is well organized. Plus it has less typos. Round one goes to Sake.

Round 2: Appetizers

At Siam Orchid, there’s only one appetizer that will satisfy a hungry vegan until sushi arrives. And that is… tofu rolls!

Served on a gorgeous plate with scrumptious peanut sauce. The outside tapioca roll is the perfect compliment to its innards. Inside the rolls are the usual suspects – vermacelli noodles, carrots, cucumber, and tofu. BUT WAIT, what’s this?! Arugula? Some kind of spicy green leafy! Unexpected and definitely a good twist. Sake’s going to have to try hard to recover from that blow.

Sake’s appetizer is a pretty legit bowl of vegetable soup. It might appear to be a plain looking broth with mushy vegetables, but looks can be deceiving! First off, the spoon that’s hiding behind is adorable. Secondly, the broth was tasty without being overly salty like a lot of soups are. And the veggies? Crisp and delicious. But what’s this? Mushrooms?!*puke*

Round 2 definitely goes to Siam Orchid!

The Final Round…


The long awaited moment has arrived. We’re all tied up in the last round, whoever wins this is going to take it all.

And just LOOK at that presentation from Siam Orchid! The sauteed vegetables were served in a martini glass, which was “glued” to the plate with hot wasabi paste. Genius. All of the basics are covered – makizushi, wasabi and other assorted hot pastes, tofu, and Nigiri-zushi. Looking good.

What this plate of deliciousness lacks in martini-glass-ness, it certainly makes up for it with flavor. It packs a giant tastebud punch (what a pun, ha ha). The tofu (inzrizushi) is moist yet crunchy without being chewy; the makizushi itself is absolutely divine. Having the rice on the outside and the nori on the inside is just plain awesome, because I don’t like the look of nori that much. This plate of sushi was colossal. Amazing. Delicious. I was actually unable to finish it. Om nom nom.

The winner of round 3 goes to Siam Orchid because I just can’t get over that darn martini glass.

So the winner of the first ever Sushi-Off… is actually both Siam Orchid and Sake!

Because wrestling is silly. And sushi is always a winner.

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

13 Responses to “Sushi vs Sushi”

  1. kaztronomic Says:

    Am I having deja-vu? o.O

    Either way, I love this restaurant review! (Whoa, I rhymed!) You have a sharp wit.

    Lots of options are a *must* when dining out, so I get excited over huge, multi-page menus, too. 😀

    I’m currently in love with this Mexican joint called Pachanga’s. It has *the* best food, and I don’t have to make weird custom orders to accommodate my tummy. So yum!

  2. I’ve never had sushi! Can you get vegan sushi!?
    My favourite restuarant would be either Pacha in London, which is a Morccan place, or a local one near me called Seckford Hall. I love them cos …well, they’re amazing! Unusual food/flavour combinations, small, delicate and beautiful portions, wonderful ingredients…they’re very much ‘you get what you pay for’ places; ie, cost a bomb but are SO worth it!

    • yes ma’am you can! vegan sushi is simply brown or jasmine rice and nori seaweed, then on the inside are the raw veggies. c:
      pacha sounds epic. OH and by the way – do you know of any supa rad vegan restaurants in/around london? i’m coming back (finalllly!!!) in 2011 or 2012 and i get to plan a week of the trip…aka VEGAN WEEK! 😀

  3. I am unbelieveably jealous of your sushi experience!! I love love loveee sushi, like you I probably couldn’t live without it. My favorite place around here is called Sakura’s. So. Good. And the building is bright neon green. Yeah, it’s pretty tight.

  4. Meg Says:

    I love any restaurant with sushi and I am super jealous of this post right about now, I haven’t had a good plate of sushiness in sooo long 😦 Ahh! Thank you for reminding me of how lovely it is 😉

    I agree – sushi is ALWAYS a winner.

  5. Megan Says:

    Andd now I officially want sushi. TJ’s has some good rolls every so often!
    Also we should totally do a 5K together! But I’m super slow and not in running shape at all. And like you said, it is HOT. Also I didn’t get an email from you but was it about a meetup?! We must plan one!!

    • i always want sushi, so welcome to the club 😉
      dude. let’s do it. 😀 i’m a supa crappy runner but i’m training for a 10k in september in mebane (DUDE you should do it too!)
      alsoooo the meetup was about going for a run or doing some yoga sometime, possibly this weekend! when works for youu?

      • Megan Says:

        Yoga sounds awesome!! Maybe sometime on Sunday?? Alsoo I don’t get notifications when you respond to my comments (sad) so just email me and we can discuss our fab meetup! (

  6. Sushi IS always the winner. Pretty sure I could eat it several times a week. Just wrote a post about making smart sushi selections actually:

  7. maxinthegym Says:

    I love sushi! Like I could eat it errrday 😀

    There’s this donut store near where I live and they’ve got a special on Sushi-shaped Donuts right now! Hahahha how cute is that?

  8. I’ve never had sushi either. I don’t like fish, so I don’t think I’m going to try it anytime soon 😉

    I love so many restaurants! Heck, I just love food in general! Always love a good review!

  9. Let me just say could I love the title of your blog any more?! Doubtful!!

    I LOVE sushi, but lately every time I eat it my tummy goes nutso. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not happy about it!

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