The wonderful thing about bloggers…

July 1, 2010

…is I’m not the only one!


Last night, I met up with Jen, Kelly, Katie, Jessie, Tiffany, and Brittney. This was actually my first eva blog meetup (!), so I was kind of nervous.  Confession: I arrived mega early and sat in my car, kind of lurking and being an all around creeper, waiting to get out of the car until five before 7, our designated meeting time. I didn’t want to have to sit outside awkwardly for fifteen minutes. I’m always super early for stuff.

We decided to meet up at a legit new burger bar called Big Daddy’s.

This place is very new (they have 2 locations) and very popular. The menu was pretty darn awesome. From regular burgers to turkey burgers to a phenomenal black bean burger (more on that in a minute!), there were so many options. You could really choose anything you want, because you have the option to build your own burger or salad from scratch and customize everything from the bread to the toppings.

Half of me wanted to have a black bean burger and the other half of me realllly wanted a salad. So I compromised and ordered this:

Sorry for the poor quality shot. Dim lighting/high ISO setting. :c

It was epic to, for once, not be the only person taking pictures of their food. Love.

I had strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, and chickpeas on a bed of spinach, topped with a black bean burger. This salad was so delish and so gigantic I couldn’t even finish it. Don’t be fooled by my picture, this was the large sized salad – and when Big Daddy says large, he means large. And he wasn’t stingy with the toppings either! The star of the meal was easily the black bean burger. Everyone at the table who ordered it was raving about the epic deliciousness going on. Crunchy and crisp on the outside, yet soft and warm on the inside, with visible black beans and corn in the burger.  This was without a doubt the best black bean burger I’ve ever had! It was probably fried or cooked in some manner that I would disapprove of to get that crunch, but I’m a-ok with that. The salad part cancels out the fried bits, right? 😉

We stayed and chatted for a while after we’d eaten, and I really had a lot of fun getting to know these beautiful ladies!

I’m really good at hiding behind people and looking like a mega creeper in pictures.

Kelly, Tiffany, Brittney, Jen, Jessie, yours truly, and Katie!

All in all, I had a fantabulous night and I can’t wait to see everyone again! 🙂

And now I am off to do what I do best…… read in bed.

But if I do what I’m even better at, I’ll fall asleep in the above position.

And dream about black bean burgers.


20 Responses to “The wonderful thing about bloggers…”

  1. Jessie Says:

    It was great to meet you last night!

  2. A blogger meet up, so awesome!! I really want to do one where I am..but the ‘nearest’ place to everyone is London – which is still a good 2hrs from me anyway! So frustrating :/
    I’m glad you had fun anyway 🙂

  3. Chelsey Says:

    That place looks really good! I’m so glad you were able to meet up with some girlies – I have yet to do a meet up, but am itching to do it!

  4. Yay! It was super-duper yummy. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime. So nice to meet you!

  5. Brittney Says:

    Great meeting you Lauren! I had a blast with you guys, and look forward to doing it again 🙂

  6. Becky Says:

    The blogger meetup looks super fun and the food looks phenom! I’m thinking of planning a blogger outing sometime in July and I’m super nervous/excited, too! Haha. I’m such a dork – and always the first to arrive anywhere! Glad you had such a great night!

  7. kaztronomic Says:

    How fun! That burger looks phenom. I need to master the black bean burger. It thwarts me every time. 😀

    I wish more bloggers lived out where I live, but there’s only one, and I’m way too shy to go out and meet her. Is that totally dorky or what? xD

  8. rc1001 Says:

    Fun! I can’t wait for my first blogger meet up….whenever that is!

  9. DiningAndDishing Says:

    Aren’t blogger meet ups so much fun?? I think new friends are one of the main perks of being a blogger :).

    – Beth @

  10. This looks like so much fun!! Hope you guys had a great time! Your food at the restaurant looks awesome!!

  11. sweettater Says:

    ha! you are hilarious. while you were sitting in your car, i was the early arrival sitting alone on a bench for 15 minutes. 😉

    let’s sit together next time.

    alsooo… great to finally meet you!

  12. Looks like so much fun! I wish people lived by me 😦 Oh and that black bean burger looks glorious hehe

  13. Monique@She's Going The Distance Says:

    I keep reading about this on everyone’s blog 🙂 looks like such a fun time!!!!! I wish there were more bloggers in my neck of the woods 🙂

    Also, I do the EXACT SAME THING when I’m going somewhere new I’m nervous about. I show up ridiculously early and then try to look busy and important. haha. Oh well

  14. maxinthegym Says:

    Oooh that black bean burger looks and sounds delicious!

    Haha I’m known to be ridiculously early for everything as well! Once I showed up to my friend’s birthday party and she wasn’t even ready yet!

  15. elise Says:

    I love blogger meet-ups! So fun to find others that you have in common, anyways, just wanted to say that I responded to your Q about restaurant recs and in case you want more ideas check out the “Hot Spots” tab on top of my page:

  16. Simply Life Says:

    Looks like a fun time!

  17. Woooo! That’s exciting! I bet I’ll act the same way whenever I go to my first blogger meet up. 😛 Glad you had fun!

  18. Megan Says:

    Wish I had been there! I totally would have gotten the black bean burger over a salad 🙂

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