Spreading the Love

July 8, 2010

What’s great to spread? Peanut butter.

But what do I love to spread even more than peanut butter (Gasp! Blasphemy, I know)?


Have you heard of Operation Beautiful?

The idea is simple: grab some post-its and a sharpie, and write something encouraging or uplifting. Leave it anywhere – the gym, a changing room, a shelf in a store, or anywhere someone else will find it. That’s it. It’s such a simple gesture with a truly giant impact.

When I first chose to overcome my eating disorder, I did two things. First, I got my NEDA tattoo. The red, which is the smaller side, represents my eating disorder, my struggles, my pain. The purple, which is larger, represents overcoming everything that ever brought me down.

I also discovered the joy that Operation Beautiful brought. I was able to brighten someone’s day, give them a smile, and more importantly, maybe even change their attitude with just a little square of paper. What’s better than that? Not peanut butter, that’s for sure.

So go grab your post-it notes and Sharpies and spread the peanut butter love!

And don’t forget…


17 Responses to “Spreading the Love”

  1. Heather Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to do this! Been meaning to since your last post about it, but forgot 😦 for shame, I know!

  2. Megan Says:

    I definitely JUST dug into my cinnamon raisin swirl! LOVE IT. I pick the raisins out though. But it is amaazing on toasted ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread! Love your OB notes 🙂

  3. So cute!! I love the opening line too about what you spread more than PB… haha, nice touch.

    You are beautiful!!!!

  4. kaztronomic Says:

    But what if we could find a way to spread love *and* peanut butter, simultaneously?

    I love your tattoo. It’s so meaningful; I love it when tattoos have a story and are significant. Thank you for sharing it with us. ❤

  5. I love this! What a wonderful concept! Definitely going to need to start this!

  6. Those chalk board OB notes definitely take the cake for most impressive. I would definitely love walking into a room with that on the board!

  7. Chelsey Says:

    Love me some Operation Beautiful!!!!! xoxoxo!

  8. Faith Says:

    Op. Beautiful is actually one of my favorite mood-lifters when I’m having a bad day. Reading the other posts reminds me to smile, and putting up a few of my own makes me feel that in a small way, maybe I’m making someone else who’s also having a bad day feel a bit better. That smile is definitely contagious!

    PS – that tattoo is really wonderful – so meaningful. It suits you 🙂

  9. Katharina Says:

    I love that you spread this positivity around! And I agree, that’s better than peanut butter 🙂 Operation Beautiful in a way reminds me of “paying it forward”. And it also reminds me of this quote I think of often, ” a true act of compassion is done without expecting anything back.” Keep doing what you’re doing, girlie 😀



  10. mysweetseason Says:

    I think Op Beautiful is lovely 🙂 It’s such a great idea! Glad you’re spreading it around!

  11. Rebecca Says:

    How inspiring! I’m definitely going to do this.
    Ooh, someone should write “You are beautiful” in peanut butter – like at a restaurant or something! I’d love to see some love on my waffles ^^

  12. Kiersten Says:

    I love Operation Beautiful! I have left tons of notes around campus and the stores I shop in. It’s feels so great when you find out that you brightened someone’s day with just one note.

  13. I love this! Your notes are so cute! ❤

  14. I really need to post one of these somewhere! Maybe I’ll throw one together at work? Don’t tell! (:

  15. Ann Claire Says:

    I absolutely love this! What a great idea!

  16. Love the post-it notes heart and the messages on the blackboards. I hope you made someones days with those!

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