What Comes Before Part B?

July 30, 2010


Yep. I’m lame. But it’s my birthday, so I’ll dance if I want to.

You know where it’s always a party? Times Square!



Grand Central Station. Glam.

“I have a big head, and little arms!”



Fenway Park 🙂

Which inspired this…

I legitimately went on a Green Monster rampage and bought a shirt that says Green Monstah. I may or may not have worn it four times in the few days that I have been home.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Boston Common!

You know I used copious amounts of hand sanitizer after this.

Honestly, I felt like I’d won a dream vacation when I went on this trip. It was a party the whole time! 🙂 I had such a fantastic adventure, and I’m so glad I can share my experiences with you all through my blog. I couldn’t help but want to pass on the happiness from One Lucky Duck…which leads me to the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The winner of my $10 One Lucky Duck gift card!

*drumroll please*

And the winner of the One Lucky Duck giftcard, randomly chosen by random.org, is commenter #28, Alex from Spoonful of Sugar Free!

Congrats, Alex. Drop a comment here with your e-mail and I’ll send red rover …erm..your gift card on over.

Thanks to everyone who entered, you really made my first giveaway a great success. I’ve got another one planned for pretty soon, so be in the lookout for it 🙂

Now I’m off to enjoy my day and party. Cause I want to.

10 Responses to “What Comes Before Part B?”

  1. Happy Birthday!! Your pun totally made me laugh. I might have to use that myself … I’ll probably look like a second grader, but maybe I can get a chuckle (or a groan) from a friend.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Happy birthday, girlfriend! That’s cool that you got to spend it in such an awesome city! No go have more fun!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Happy birthdayyyy!

    Are you still in boston? My dad is a HUGE red sox fan. I would pay you to send me a green monster tshirt for him!

  4. spoonfulofsugarfree Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lauren!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!!!! Wahoo! Have fun today! (It looks like you already have!)

    And yay! I’m so excited to win the giftcard!!! Here’s my email: spoonfulofsugarfree@gmail.com

  5. Heather Says:

    Happy Birthday little lady 🙂
    I hope it’s super special and memorable-so far so good it looks.

  6. Happy birthday babe!! It looks like you had a lot of fun! Birthdays are the best 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  8. kaztronomic Says:

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time! Happytastic Birthday, you! 😀

  9. Rebecca Says:

    AH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’m so glad you’re having so much fun! That’s how birthdays should be – super fun, and germ free of course – yay for hand sanitizer! And awesome t-shirts!

    Happy Birthday x2 – enjoy the rest of your adventures ^^

  10. Jeff Says:

    You can grab all sorts of fine Green Monstah products, including the t-shirt here: http://www.sullysbrand.com/greenmonstah

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