Things Lauren Loves: Weight Lifting

August 7, 2010

Why is it that so many women today think that there are two options when it comes to weight lifting?

Option A:

Wimpy wimpy wimpy, like this guy

Option B:

Hefty, hefty, hefty….and scary!

Weight lifting isn’t just for the boys anymore! Besides, we know that all they really do is stand around and try to look appealing to all the ladies, right?! 😉

Now I’m gonna say something that might scare you, so brace yourselves, ladies. Lifting weights will not turn you into some beastly monster with bulging veins and huge biceps as soon as you start. That’s right. Now take a deep breath and read that sentence again. You will be a beast, but you won’t be a ginormous bodybuilder.

If you don’t do any kind of weight training exercises, I think you should seriously consider starting.

Weight training (obviously) builds muscle. That’s what scares a lot of people, and I’ll tell you why. Muscle weighs more than fat. Gaining muscle through weight training means you’ll burn fat and gain muscle. That can sometimes equal a weight gain. But guess what – it’s not a bad weight gain. It’s an “I’m building muscles so I’ma look super sexy” gain.

Well here’s a few reasons why you should lift weights.

1) Physically, you will be so much stronger. You won’t be a wuss. Your flexibility, strength, endurance, power, and speed will all improve.

2) Your base metabolism will be raised. I’m  no dietitian, but I do know that muscle burns more calories than fat, even when sedentary. That means you get to eat more. Win.

3) You’ll become a sexy beast.

4) Muscle has gorgeous, lean form. It takes up less space than fat does and it doesn’t disfigure you, either. Actually, it will protect you. Stronger muscles will help protect you from osteoporosis. So put that milk down and pick up some weights.

5) Weight training has been clinically proven to raise your “good” cholesterol and lower your “bad” cholesterol. It also strengthens your heart.

6) You’ll become a sexy beast.

7) You’ll be in a chipper mood all day. Trust me – when I lift weights, I leave the gym feeling awesome. I feel strong and powerful because I am! Weights work wonders for self-esteem too!

6) The guys will probably all be smitten with you. Seriously… a chick in the free weights area that knows what she’s doing?! Daaaaaang.

7) All of the men in said free weights area will think you’re a sexy beast.

So what are you waiting for? Time to explore the free weights, ladies.

17 Responses to “Things Lauren Loves: Weight Lifting”

  1. chelsey Says:

    haha you crack me up – all of this was so true though!!! I tend to put weight lifting on the backburner some days, but you have inspired me to actually GO to the gym today instead of run!

  2. mysweetseason Says:

    You go girl! I just posted about the same thing hahaha!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Can’t argue with any of that! We only have 1 & 10 lb weights here (teeny tiny mom and big hefty brother), so I usually grab cans of baked beans if I see a free weights routine I want to try 😛

  4. Weigh lifting is so important! Thanks for sharing your reasons!

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  6. Faith Says:

    I can’t wait to join Gold’s so I can get started back on some strength training. These are all excellent reasons (and one very scary image I’m now trying to forget! Haha)

  7. Kiersten Says:

    I really want to start lifting weights so I can build some muscle. I’ve tried at the gym every once in a while but they don’t have anything light enough for me 😦

  8. Raw Candy Says:

    Great post!! I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. It’s important to spread the word to the rest of the female population that lifting (HEAVY) weights and building muscle is the way to a healthy (and hot!) body.

  9. I am such a wimp when it comes to weight training. I think that if I went into the gym with a really good plan I would do it a lot more.

  10. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading 🙂 I totally agree with your ideas on weight traning. I am a cardio-junky, and I love it…but have most recently incorporated 3 lifting days back into my routine because I was losing muscle. It’s always a process. Ultimately, I just want to look fit, not skinny, and not like the other picture (um, like a guy??) LOL 🙂

  11. kaztronomic Says:

    I used to lift heavy, and I LOVED it. However, my class ended, and I didn’t have time to enroll in another. I got very strong, but my no means bulky!

    Thanks for spreading the facts about the benefits of lifting! ^_^

  12. simplyshaka Says:

    I cannot stand when my friends say they dont want to lift weights b/c they will be bulky, such a pet peeve. I try to tell them that when I started incorporating more weights into my routine, I started to see more of a difference in my body (in a positive way!) but they dont want to believe me!

  13. I’m a cardio queen, but I do weight train because I know how good it is for me!! My mom has osteoporosis, and building muscle is one of the best ways to fight it. Great post!

  14. Loved the contrasting photos! I’m a big believer in weight training, although I’m currently taking a break from the gym and doing the Insanity workout at home. It’s been a change from free weights and I’m enjoying doing more body-weight resistance types of exercises. In a couple of months though, I’ll cycle back to gym style cardio and free weight workouts.

  15. Yes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE weight lifting 🙂
    SOOOOOOOOOO many women I know who are serious about weight lifting, gain muscle/weight, but end up wearing a smaller size. 1 lb of muscle takes up less space than 1 lb of fat, so even if you weigh more, you look better and SMALLER. UNLESS, you go for the goal of being huge.
    Women need to remember, also, you cannot gain muscle by accident!! You have to actually work at it. It takes a while to gain even 1 lb of muscle.
    So, ladies who are scared of weight lifting: chill. 🙂 Go for it, look better, and build bone density, too!

  16. traynharder23 Says:

    LOVEEEEE weight lifting. totally have slacked on the running. gonna pick that up too. =D so hard having two loves. =D

    anyways, hahahha my boy says that he LOVES my muscle. lol.

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