3 Things

August 22, 2010

Let’s play a game. You’re trapped on an island and you can only have three items with you. What would you take?

I kind of want to go here now.

We’re assuming that said deserted island is a tropical one. That way I could have a steady coconut and banana supply. Land and tasty eats ahead. Hells yes.

Otherwise, I would bring…


1.) My yoga mat! Even though I’m super duper new to yoga and don’t know much about it, I love the practice. There’s something about it that I love more than a workout at the gym. I feel strong and powerful after a class, and it’s not about burning calories or losing weight when I go. It’s about learning to trust my body and know that I can try to do things I never thought I’d be able to before.

Spread love, not germs!

2) Hand. Freaking.Β Sanitizer. I don’t care if I just lost a million cool points or if I look like a nerd, but I absolutely adore this stuff. You guys know I hate germs. It’s the public health student/germaphobe inside of me. Last semester, I went all night without my precious sanitizer and touched rides, money (ugh! i hate touching coins/bills), and lots of germy things at a state fair. When I found the hand washing station, I was overjoyed. Besides, the best rides are always the free ones. In fact, I’m so germaphobic that I always sanitize my dorm room before move in and twice a month during the semester. Okay, maybe I have a problem…

Sexy man.

Oh, what? Michael Buble’s not allowed? 😦 Fiiiiine.

Give it to me.

3) Choc. Because life is not complete without it.

What are your 3 things?

9 Responses to “3 Things”

  1. i’m going to have to second the land with bananas and coconuts – i get coconut water, bananas, coconut, maybe even a papaya or something without using up a “thing” πŸ˜›
    i’d prob bring my pony. good company and entertainment. we’d be buds just chillin’ on that island.
    my camera. also a good time killer. obviously, i think logically, right? because a cell phone wouldn’t be smart or anything, so i could phone home for help.
    anyways. last thing…toothbrush. i can’t stand having a dirty mouth. we’ll just assume it’s a magical toothbrush that constantly has a supply of toothpaste because otherwise that would be two things in itself πŸ˜›

  2. Rebecca Says:

    This makes me want to do yoga on the beach.. while eating chocolate..

    Ooh, ooh! I have a book of banana recipes that I bought at a teeny tiny bookstore in my town, because EVERYONE needs one of those – and it would be perfect on a tropical island!
    And then probably my iPod, just for the Scrabble app,
    aaaand the entire series of Lost on DVD (assuming there will be a DVD player on the island O.o) because I’ll need me some survival skills. And some Josh Holloway πŸ™‚

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  4. I wish Michael Buble could be one!

    Okay, taking into consideration that cocnut and banans would be available….

    1. Nut Butter (don’t make me choose which one)
    2. apples
    3. endless supply of books to read

  5. Well, since I’d be the only one there… no one cares how I look right??


    That being said, I’d want WINE. πŸ™‚

    My puppy…. at least I could have some companionship

    and… prob my iPhone (and some decent coverage out there, with a charger too). Then I could listen to podcasts/radio, etc. and hopefully not be toooo bored.

    I love fun posts like this πŸ™‚ I kind of did something weird and fun today too!

  6. kaztronomic Says:

    How fun! I love games like this. πŸ˜€

    I’d bring:

    1) My fella (all sorts of entertainment right there >.>)
    2) Tons of sunblock
    3) A yacht…wait, is that cheating? Oh, poo. πŸ˜€ Then, I’ll have to second the toothbrush. I’m really OCD about my mouth.

  7. Kiersten Says:

    1. Peanut butter
    2. Books
    3. Shampoo

    If there’s no bananas on the island though I am freakin swimming home!

  8. What a fun post!

    I would bring my yoga mat too + books and toothbrush πŸ™‚

  9. Your germ talk made me laugh because I am the same way! My husband and have to travel a lot for work and we have to stay in different hotels for months and months. I sanitize every single room, every day, as soon as we check in. It doesn’t matter how clean the place *looks* – I know the germs are hiding everywhere! And we travel with a ziploc bag that we lable “Germote”, which is where we put the remote control every night so we don’t have to touch it. There’s no way I’m touching THAT! Yuck!

    Anyway, can I bring a human? Because I have to bring my Mr. Wing-It! And chocolate. And a magic dongle that will let me connect to the internet from anywhere!

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