Lucky Me

October 24, 2010

**There is a naughty food picture in this post! Just warning you now. ;)**



What is it with me and finding oddly shaped potatoes? I really have some odd lucky when it comes to produce shopping. Whether it’s a face in a pepper or a Siamese-twin pair of carrots, it will always find its way to me.

Remember this little guy?

I swear it came like this.

My parents recently came up to my school to visit, and because they are good and generous souls they brought their starving child some food from Earth Fare (extra bonus points for organic!). Well, in the potato bin there was a little guy just waiting for me…

I heart carbs. Literally.

I wonder what shaped potato I’ll find next…

Ever gotten a weirdly shaped veggie?

Vegan Nutrition Basics

October 23, 2010

Ever had a question about vegan nutrition and fitness? Here’s a guest post from Sasha Britton to answer your questions.

We know that foods derived from animal products (meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products) aren’t necessary to live a long and healthy life- in fact, quite the contrary. But these protein sources aside,active people especially should take care to get enough protein into the diet. After all, when one istraining, one is breaking down muscle tissue (you know this is happening when you feel the “burn;”this is caused by the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which causes them to break down) andprotein is necessary for the recovery and rebuilding process. Vegan athletes have to pay more attentionto dietary choices and food combinations in order ensure the absorption of enough high-quality protein.

What May Be Missing
In addition to protein, vegans may be missing the following nutrients in their diet:
ironcalciumvitamins B-12 and Dzinc
Iron is quite important for building muscle and endurance. If you aren’t going to get this from beef,you’re going to have to make sure you’re eating the following on a regular basis:
whole grain cereals fortified with ironlegumes (beans, peas and peanuts)dried fruit (especially raisins)cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage)
In addition, you will want to combine these with foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits andberries; this will aid your body in absorbing and utilizing iron.
In lieu of dairy products, instead load up on fortified soy products as well as leafy greens to keepbones strong with sufficient calcium: mustard, kale and chard are powerhouse foods in this regard, aswell as dried figs. Sesame seeds are also a decent source of calcium; a unique form of nut butter madefrom sesame, called tahini, is available in many Middle Eastern specialty stores and combines wellwith sweet as well as savory foods.

Rice and beans together make a complete protein – or almost any combination of grain and legumes.However, peanuts (which are actually legumes, not nuts) and soybeans provide complete proteins thatare of the same quality as that derived from fish, poultry, dairy or eggs. Most tree nuts are also goodsources of protein, and provide the additional benefit of healthy oils, such as omega-3 (also found inolive oil).
The Tough OnesVitamin B-12 is essential for metabolism and making use of the energy stored in food. Unfortunately,the only reliable source of this nutrient is in animal-based foods. Whole grains cereals and soy milk areoften vitamin B-12 fortified, but one would have to consume a great deal in order to get this nutrient
in sufficient amounts from these vegetable-based sources alone. Therefore, vegan athletes may need totake B-12 supplements.
The same is true of zinc, which is vital for healthy respiratory and digestive functions. Fortunately,these supplements are not expensive – so make certain you have these on hand, especially when intraining.

By Sasha Britton, for Gym Source, provider of treadmills, arc trainers and home gyms for over 75 years.

What are your top nutrition tips?

One of Those Days

October 17, 2010

Sometimes, you wake up and it’s one of those mornings. Whether it’s because you had a long night at work, pulled an all nighter in the library, or because you had one too many glasses of passion fruit rum/apple schnapps/vodka/OJ. Not that I did that.

Either way, there’s a great solution to a crappy morning. And it involves chocolate. Seriously, could life get any better? A lot of people that I know turn to junk foods when they’ve got a hangover..maybe now I can convert them. I rely on green monsters to get me through rough mornings, but sometimes a girl just  needs herself some chocolate.

The Ultimate Hangover Cure: Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

Serves two hungry, lazy, hungover friends

1 1/3 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup chocolate flavored non-dairy milk (I used almond)

1/2 cup water

1 1/2 T pure vanilla extract

2 T maple syrup or agave nectar

1 t baking powder

cocoa or carob powder to taste

1 banana, sliced

a handful (or two or three!) of chocolate chips


Slice up your banana while you heat up a non-stick griddle or skillet. Put it at about medium.

The batter is insanely easy. Just mix everything together (sans bananas and chocolate chips) and then pour it onto your griddle. Once you’ve done that, press in your bananas and chocolate chips. They’ll get all melty and delish as they heat through. Cook the pancakes for five minutes on each side, or until the bottoms are cooked.

Top with more chocolate chips and maybe a dollop of fantasticness.

Just don’t put any vodka in the batter and you’ll be set.

What’s your favorite drinkie and what’s your go-to hangover meal?

Break Away

October 12, 2010

Oh, how I love five day weekends. It’s the last 24 hours of fall break. This means it’s the last 24 hours of me procrastinating on studying for four, yes four, midterms that I have this week. I spent a good chunk of my weekend in Chapel Hill getting speeding tickets (those cops are sneaky as hell), being forced to watch Twilight (I hatehatehate those movies and books), stuffing my face with Mellow Mushroom pizza (hello, Daiya!) and last but certainly not least, going to Whole Foods for the first time in my life. Actually, I had a [rich] foodie’s dream day. I went to Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s all in the same day.

Sad speeding ticket face:

Yay for court dates.

I don’t even want to know how much this is going to cost me, between needing an attorney (I can’t make it as my court date is during a final exam) and the fact that I was going…well… let’s just say I was going a lot over the limit. But it will be okay in the end I know, so I’ve decided that I’m not going to let this affect me. After tweeting my speeding ticket anger away, Happy Whole Foods face ensued. But I’m a bad blogger and didn’t capture it. I realized as I walked into the store that I had forgotten my camera. Trust me, there was madness. I don’t know how I only spent $17, hot bar included. Oh God..the hot bar. Don’t even get me started. I had some of the banginest (that’s a word) tofu EVER. I am sad and happy that I don’t have a WH store back home. Happy because I’d never have any money, but sad because it’s Whole Foods, man.

I hope Heaven has a Whole Foods.

Other treats include Sweet and Sara marshmallows, a squeezie pack of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butta (!!!), Daiya, and a sh!t ton of chocolate. I also purchased something I’ve had my eyes on for a while…

I’ve only heard praise for this stuff. With the nutritionals, it was no surprise. Lotsa protein and fiber and goodies inside. I’ve been using Trader Joe’s chalktastic soy protein powder for my green monsters, so it goes without saying that a change was welcome. I’ve also been avoiding cafeteria food like the plague, so a smoothie for lunch sounded delicious the other day.

Post-gym lunch.

Into the blender went 2 very ripe bananas, a dash of vanilla almond milk, ice ice baby, and Vega’s Vanilla Chai optimzer.

Faaaavorite mug!

Yum. Green.

I really wish I could say I loved this. I want to say that it was an explosion of vanilla-y, banana-y goodness. All my favorite flavors were there, but something was off. I took about four sips before having to pour the rest down the sink. It was just so chalky! Maybe I did something wrong? I’ll give Vega another chance sometime, but not for a while. I’ve lost my faith in protein powders.

And cops.

Have you ever had a run-in with the cops? When I was 16, I got pulled over for the first time for running a stop sign. I turned on the water works and got away with a warning. Also, what’s your favorite brand of protein powder?

My Life in Pictures

October 2, 2010

Somehow, I’m managing to fit in a heavy classload, work, working out, yoga, meetings, a social life, dorm responsibilities (we’re a “living and learning community”), my boyfriend, aaaaaand every day tasks like laundry. Okay, well, sometimes. Unfortunately, blogging has taken the backseat. I’m posting a lot less and I’m sorry for that. I promise I’ll get my act together soon. Until then, here’s a glimpse into what’s been happening lately…

Laundry out the bahookie.

“Oh my god, the bend and snap!”

Too many dishes to wash..

Mario Kart > studying

Dying Roomie’s hair!

Boyf 😀

Cupcake baking for dorm events.

Eta Sigma Gamma – Professional Health Education Honorary induction!

It was just an excuse to wear 3 inch heels 😛

But none of this.

Okay, maybe a little…

How involved with campus life were/are you? Are you still busy – how do you find the time to fit everything in?