My Life in Pictures

October 2, 2010

Somehow, I’m managing to fit in a heavy classload, work, working out, yoga, meetings, a social life, dorm responsibilities (we’re a “living and learning community”), my boyfriend, aaaaaand every day tasks like laundry. Okay, well, sometimes. Unfortunately, blogging has taken the backseat. I’m posting a lot less and I’m sorry for that. I promise I’ll get my act together soon. Until then, here’s a glimpse into what’s been happening lately…

Laundry out the bahookie.

“Oh my god, the bend and snap!”

Too many dishes to wash..

Mario Kart > studying

Dying Roomie’s hair!

Boyf 😀

Cupcake baking for dorm events.

Eta Sigma Gamma – Professional Health Education Honorary induction!

It was just an excuse to wear 3 inch heels 😛

But none of this.

Okay, maybe a little…

How involved with campus life were/are you? Are you still busy – how do you find the time to fit everything in?


5 Responses to “My Life in Pictures”

  1. jassy Says:

    i like your hair…it’s good that though you’re so busy you still choose to eat healthy. 🙂

  2. Megan Says:

    I’ve gotten way more involved this year and love it. You and the boy are adorbs!! 🙂

  3. You sure are a busy girl! Keep it up!

  4. Great post, you sure are busy but life seems gooooood 🙂 enjoy!

  5. Aly Says:

    Dude, I know how ya feel! (: I feel the same way with college. Like, I’ve had very little time when I wasn’t studying! But, it’s a good pace I’ve got going. I still manage to keep my sanity by sneaking workouts in and hanging out with my boyfriend which is a stress reliever and just forgetting about certain stressful aspects of my life. Plus, I’ve already experienced the freshman meltdown, so I think I’ve climbed my mountain for the semester. 😀 It can only get better now that I’m eased into the world of college! 🙂 Yay!
    But, yeah! Keep up your busy schedule! I’m trying to maintain a good blog audience while still maintaining a life (not to mention good grades).
    Aly 😀

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