A love letter for 2011

December 31, 2010

Body, I’ve let you down, and I’m sorry.

Legs, thank you for carrying me and remaining strong while I continued to abuse you with running, time on the elliptical, and biking. Thank you for staying strong and not letting me fall.

My eyes, thank you for letting me see the world around me every day, even when I couldn’t see the damage I was doing to myself, even when it was right in front of me.

To my heart, thank you for never giving up, even when I almost did. Even when you were at your slowest, you never gave up and you never stopped.  You never stopped letting the life flow through me, even when I didn’t feel it.

Body, I won’t hurt you anymore.

I won’t push you so far again. I’m sorry for what I put you through and I’m sorry for not knowing my limits. You deserve only the best treatment and respect, and I am glad I realize this now. Better late than never, right? No more two-a-days at the gym, no more skipping meals. Never again will I feel guilty for putting whole foods into you and I will never again try to “undo” my actions. You are so much more than the vessel I walk around in, the skin that I inhabit.

That’s why you deserve better.

This year, I’m not going to make any resolutions to “tone up” or lose X amount of pounds. I’m not going to exercise a certain amount of minutes every week, and I’m certainly not going to feel guilty if I choose to spend quality time with my friends over time at the gym. No more starving, no more feeling out of control. It’s time to stop this…because I’m beautiful just the way I am.

This is my promise to you, Body. I promise to treat you with the care you deserve. I promise to give you days to rest, days to recover, and days to simply be. I promise to enjoy every day and live for me and not for my exercise regimen. No more comparing and wishing; you’re better than that. I promise to live more days with a smile on my face and a feeling of pride in the strong, independent, beautiful person that I have become. I will live more days where I can smile, laugh, and be who I was truly meant to be. Days like these:

(That’s my aunt, BTW. Crazy runs in the family.)

My promise to stay strong.

What I can promise you, Body, is that 2011 is going to be filled with amazing times, crazy memories, and great fun.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

20 Responses to “A love letter for 2011”

  1. So glad to see this post! I’ve missed seeing you around here, and I think your love letter to your body (okay that sounded weird) is the perfect way to ring in the new year. Don’t forget we all are supporting you and will back you 100% no matter what. I know you can do it!!!

  2. That was sooo beautiful. It gave me the chills.
    We have veryyy similar stories.
    Your body deserves the bets!
    I think that is my same new year goal is to just live my life. live every day to the fullest, and treat my body properly .

  3. beautiful post lauren 🙂

  4. That was beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for writing that. It has changed me for the better.

  5. this is BEAUTIFUL! i am in the same boat and want to do the same for 2011!

  6. jassy Says:

    happy new year! 🙂

  7. Faith Says:

    Wow, that was incredibly inspiring Lauren! Our bodies are really beautiful and amazing and they deserve the best…this is the year to thank them.

  8. I love your approach to this post and also your blog! can’t wait to read it all 2011

  9. Sweet Cheeks Says:

    GREAT post!!! This really is such amazing inspiration to be good to our bodies. It is so easy to take them for granted. Happy new year to you and good luck with your goals!!

  10. What an awesome letter to your body!!! So cool! Great thoughts 🙂
    Cheers to you and a prosperous new year in 2011~!~!

  11. now i have tears building in my eyes. i know deep down inside how much you love yourself, and ur body knows it, just try ur best to show it as much as you can how much you respect it and all that it does for you. you are SO BEAUTIFUL ❤ xoxoxo

  12. I like your writing too. was very useful to me. the site thank you very much. good work.

  13. Kayla Says:

    Oh, this is such a nice idea! I really need to do this! Happy New Year!

  14. What a beautiful letter. I can certainly relate as I have put my body through a lot. This year will not be that way though. 🙂

  15. I love this post. It’s amazing. You’re amazing!! I really appreciated it, and I am going to work hard at applying it to myself. 🙂

  16. Monique Says:

    ha this is super cute!! 🙂 Great post!

  17. theflourishingfoodie Says:

    Wonderful post! Happy 2011!

  18. Ashley Says:

    I loved this.

  19. Coco Says:

    omg you have a recovery tattoo–in the same spot i wanna get one! awesomeee

  20. THAT is a wonderful resolution. You rock 😀

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